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My Services

 My areas of expertise include working with survivors of sexual abuse and trauma, anxiety, depression, grief and loss for all populations.

People come to counseling for many different reasons expecting many different results.  Some come looking for coping strategies to deal with mental illness, others for life’s transition (move, divorce, retirement, job loss, etc.) and still others come looking for someone to offer space to process some difficult decisions.  It takes courage to reach out for help and as a licensed professional counselor I consider it joy to help clients find their way back to peace by meeting them where they are at, holding space for them to process, listening to their needs, hearing what they are not saying and encouraging them to be honest with themselves so they can navigate their way back to strength and peace.  I work with clients to meet their individual needs using many different evidenced-based treatment interventions, walk with them through difficult challenges and celebrate as they find their way back to peace and rest. 

Call or Email me for more information

Nancy Miller, MS, PC, NCC

Phone: (608) 790-9481


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